“I'd be lost without my 500 SL."

The #1 Solution In Fitting
There's a reason Audioscan fitting systems are the #1 solution among hearing healthcare professionals throughout North America.

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Real Control of Patient Outcomes
You simply cannot rely on the hearing instrument itself or on patient comments to ensure you have complete control over fitting a hearing instrument properly. Neither method is sufficient for a quality outcome.

RM500SL: Fit with Facts. Anywhere.
Objective measurement is essential for your management of hearing instrument fitting and the care of your patient. It is the key to patient satisfaction and successful rehabilitation. With it, you control the outcome. Without it, you don’t.

Includes Speechmap® for easy counseling 
This unique fitting environment is easy to use and easy for patients to comprehend. In a few minutes your patients will understand their residual area, recruitment, and the limitations that their hearing loss imposes. Us Speechmap to clearly show the benefit the selected instrument is providing.




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